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As the originator of basketball shoes, converse outlet store from the beginning of the first pair of canvas shoes Chuck Taylor All Star is committed to providing the best shoes for basketball players now have a look, Converse8 month and surrender what works.

Born in 1976 in the classic basketball shoes Converse Pro Leather, was a NBA legend Dr.J Julius Erving shook the stadium, weapon. Also once was the "flying trapeze Michael Jordan back in the last shot in Patrick Ewing led the Georgetown University to wear shoes.

cheap converse shoes classic basketball shoes rubbed into the street culture, Converse Pro Leather to reproduce the classic retro look bold color package, professional and comprehensive performance and style unique appearance made the supreme position Converse in the field of basketball shoes.

Converse has a history of 100 years, in 1908 founded the converse converse brand in the United States of america. The first pair of basketball shoes in 1917 by converse creation. ALL STAR, then to a well-known athletes can sign. In 1923 the converse to become the world basketball shoes word.

Converse converse classical basketball shoes in August, the main yellow, green, red, white, black five colors. Converse shoes outlet can feel from the product, the brand has the classic and fashion taste. In recent years, introduced the "BE A STAR", meaning is to want everyone to show themselves, in their own arena for self realization, which is converse over the past 100 years implementation culture.